• Dear Husband

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    Dear Husband,

    These past few months have been very hard.

    We fight constantly over little things and you have no problem with not talking to me for weeks. The silence is deafening and suffocating.

    If your ego more important than my feelings…?

    What happened to us? What happened to our vows, where we promised to take care of each other. We promised that we would listen to understand each other; not to listen so that we can reply or respond with a winning comeback line.

    Husband, you are my best friend. For many years I have made everything about you. I put you ahead of everything else. I can say that I definitely put you before myself.

    Now, I cannot read you.

    Communication is becoming a big issue for us. We can no longer communicate like we used to.

    Which is really strange, if you think about it. We started off as good friends for many many many years.

    I should have, by now, know you inside out. Know how you think, know how you react to certain events. I feel that I do but somehow, you are different.

    You have grown cruel. I no longer feel the warmth in your eyes when you look at me. Morning kisses seem to be nothing but chores for you. You are cold and I realise now that you have no problem hurting me.

    While I focus on us these past few years, my social circle has grown smaller; whilst yours are expanding. You now interact with so many beautiful and sophisticated women on a daily basis.

    I know you cannot resist the temptation. As I have told you many times, please consider my feelings. Is it not enough that you make me feel inadequate….?

    I know that you often make decisions which you think would be best for me. But dear husband, as I have told you so many times, sometimes it’s about listening to what I feel or how I feel.

    Is our language of love so different that we no longer understand what we are conveying to each other?

    Can’t you just please for once, listen to what I am trying to say to you. Acknowledge my feelings when you did or say something which cause me pain.

    Dear husband. I do not know what the future holds but I feel saddened with the way things are progressing.

    Dear husband. I have tried telling you how I feel so many times.

    It would seem that you have chosen to disregard my concerns.

    If you no longer see a future in us, please don’t let me waste your time.

    Always yours,

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