• To My Ex Best Friend

    by  • February 20, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I suppose I should have prepared myself for this day. We’ve been drifting apart for months. I tried to fix it, but I couldn’t do it on my own. I needed you to give 50%. I just needed something, anything from you to show that you cared about our friendship, too. I guess you didn’t, though. Still, I had hope that maybe you did care, that maybe this day would never come. But, it has.

    Now, I see you walking around with her everyday laughing like we used to. You two laugh about the same things we used to laugh about. You tell her all the same stories that I’ve known for years. I’m sure you tell her all the secrets that you spilled to me so long ago as well. I feel like a shadow when I talk with you guys. It’s obvious that I’m the third wheel now. I’m the one out of the loop. I’m the extra one. I can’t even resent you for it. How can I after all the time I’ve spent loving you and making memories with you? We were best friends for so long I can’t even despise you like I wish I could.

    I wish I could go back in time and fix whatever went wrong. I wish I even knew what had gone wrong in our friendship. If only I could move on from all those years of friendship like you did in a day. I always find things I still want to talk to you about, but you’re just not there anymore. How did you do it? How did you just walk away and stop caring? If I could ask you anything, it would just be that. I guess I’ll have to move on now and make new friends. I’m just scared that I’ll never find anyone as great as you. How can anyone else know what I’m upset about just by looking at my expression? It can’t be the same. I don’t know what I’m going to do.

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