• To: All Couples!

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    Let a person make you feel less than what you value yourself. If a person tries to devalue you, it’s because they don’t value themselves. Instead of working on themselves they take the easy way out and devalue others to meet them at their own level. You may see the other person at a higher level than what they see themselves at, but that doesn’t do them or you any good in the long run. They have to see it in themselves. Even if a person has succeeded at lowering your own self value. It’s ok! A lot of growth can come from that. True self value is usually found at moments like that. It goes both ways. If you don’t hold high value to yourself then expecting someone to show you value isn’t going to work. It only causes aggravation on both sides.

    My perspective on the outside looking in? You want to be treated at the higher level of value and he can’t do that for you because he doesn’t value himself. You also don’t see your high value. Ohhhh but if only you saw the value I see in you! You would be unstoppable! My value of you is of no good if you can’t see it. My words only seem shallow.

    My opinion? You both need to see your both priceless! Until then it will be a swim upstream. Eventually you both wearout……
    Take time to focus on each your own value, then see if your willing to invest in each others value. You may both realize you either want to invest in each other or you will both see you would rather invest in other people. It wouldn’t really matter because you both will have self value by then!

    How does one obtain self value? Don’t stay in a situation that devalues you. That’s a start! Allowing each other to do this would be both people showing each other value to one another..

    To All the Couple that find themselves swimming upstream with logs floating downstream.

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