• Surprise Love

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    Spent this morning crying. It’s amazing all this time that I’ve been friends with you, I never knew it would turn out like this. We’ve been friends for six years and I watched you go out with other women. They all were not suited for you. None of them understood you like I did. Slowly over time I grew to admire and respect you and that turned into caring for you. It wasn’t until today after I realized that you didn’t care the same way for me that it snuck up on me. I love you. I’ve always loved you I just didn’t realize it to be really true. You are paying attention to another woman that has been friends with you longer than I have. You both suit each other so well.

    I’m thinking of letting our friendship die, because the thought of you with her just kills me inside, because I know it should be me. What a wake up call! Here I thought I was free and ready to date and it just creeped up on me. I didn’t realize until this morning that I really love you and wants what is best for you. If she is your next chapter than let it be so.

    It just crept up on me! I just keep thinking what happened?!! I will be listening to all the songs that I told you I liked such as A Thousand Years, God Bless the Broken Road, Hero, I Have Nothing Without You, Somewhere over the Rainbow, Claire de Lune, and so much more.

    I’ll be okay. I’ll survive. But being without you….that will be a struggle everyday.

    Love you always,


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