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    Dear Thabang

    A couple of years ago you caught my attention at a conference. I was in the audience and you were on stage presenting. Something about you resonated with me but my mind was clouded with the challenges I was going through and I allowed the opportunity to meet you slide.

    Fast forward to my year of celibacy where I focused my energy on finding my ‘one’ trusting that the universe would deliver him to me. True to its word, I was guided to a magazine and there you were on the last page. My heart pounded when I looked into your eyes but it wasn’t until I read the story that I realised you were the same man from the conference.

    Soon after that you walked into a hair salon I was in but I couldn’t bring myself to speak because I had been sitting there thinking about you; not anticipating that you would appear. It was a brief moment and our eyes caught in the mirror, and then you left.

    Since then we have had some business dealings but have never met. You helped me with a career decision at a time when I needed confirmation that I was heading the right way. I will forever be grateful for that and I expressed this in an email I sent you and your response was as humble as I know you to be.

    You have a bold but humble energy that connects me to you. I wish I was brave enough to say what I truly want to say to you. Sometimes when you are online I text you but delete it because I am afraid. I wish I wasn’t afraid.

    Last year I saw you at our local mall. We were walking in opposite directions and I suppose I had every right to walk up to you and introduce myself because of work but it felt like we were in a time warp. I had to look back to make sure I hadn’t imagined you.

    I hope you find this letter and know it’s for you. I hope you read it and know it’s from me. And when you do, text me the letters ‘TAS’ and let’s begin our journey together.

    I hold you in my heart Always.

    Love, Laughter & Light.

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