• dusk

    by  • February 16, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I just, I just need to get this out. I mean, I know I have an old soul. I know I am too passionate and romantic. maybe I hope too much for the good. But Creator, why does this keep happening to me? I feel so low right now and I don’t deserve it. This man, let’s call him, Raa; see I met him when I wasn’t looking just loving and living my life. I had been shielding myself for two whole years and then this guy just comes out of nowhere one night that I was out dancing. we had fun and he followed up. I never wanted anything with anyone, I still don’t but you made me reconsider, and everytime I do this with romance, a metaphorical door of some sort smacks me in the face. He put out the time to talk, get to know me, flirted, wanted to see me and he actually made me believe he liked me. me? why, i dunno. I really hate that I believed it because after getting my hopes up he left, he gave up and hell just took a job leaving the state. I honestly wish I wouldn’t have bothered to go out with him because I don’t think he thought of me as long term. If he had saw for real how truly special I was and am, he would have fought for it and certainly wouldn’t leave. He shouldn’t of tried to start something when he was only going to walk away. I am hurt because I agian bought into the lie that men could actually fight for something that wasn’t just easy. so it is okay, fade off, forget me. I will have already forgotten you.

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