• I find it funny

    by  • February 15, 2017 • To You • 0 Comments

    I find it funny that you could blame me, that you could lie and say that you ‘cared’…that you could make out we had something that was ruined, that you were hurt, so on, blah blah.

    You’ll never say it. But I know now. You ended things with us because you wanted to move forward with her. Yep. I know.

    All bullshit and lies.

    It would have been so much easier on me to know that, as opposed to say believing I let you down, that you loved me, that I hurt you, that it was my fault, blah blah blah, your actions never matched your words, hence all that ridiculous confusion, jerk!

    You could have made all that pain go away with one quick slice, honestly. Would it have hurt? Sure. But knowing that you left me for someone else would mean you just didn’t want me. It would have made it so simple, and I would NEVER have tried to fix shit. It would have hurt so much less than what I went through over the last twelve months, confused, hurt, hopeful, sorrowful, guilty, all those negative emotions I could have done without. You made it so much harder than it had to be.

    You fucking asshole. Fuck you.

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