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    A Beloved Stranger

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    Been reading this book by Grace Livingston Hill and it’s amazing! What woman wouldn’t want a romance like that? I still believe it’s entirely possible to have an amazing love story, and not just through books. I’ve heard all kinds of real love stories. That’s why I haven’t give up hope yet for mine. l

    I find it funny

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    I find it funny that you could blame me, that you could lie and say that you ‘cared’…that you could make out we had something that was ruined, that you were hurt, so on, blah blah. You’ll never say it. But I know now. You ended things with us because you wanted to move forward

    I hope

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    You had a shitty, lonely Valentine day, and I hope every day following is bad too. I despise you for being able to be without me. Childish? Yes. I had a good teacher. Related Post I want you the words i can never seem to find The struggle in my head


    by  • February 15, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, God • 3 Comments

    In case you are still here: I have not tried to connect as much lately. A lot has been going on. I, along with many others, have been sensing a strong universal vibrational frequency shift taking place. Most of my focus has been on trying to understand it. If you have noticed a lot of

    Summertime Momentum

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    It’s not about the warmth being depressing. It’s about it feeling suffocating, remind you of past occurrences, shouting in your ear the memory of what once was. It’s the wide open feeling. Not being able to hide behind fabric, not being able to be cold and feel the relief of warm showers and warm clothes.