• Twin Flame

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    Oh, my darling D…my heart aches for you. Your intelligence, witty comebacks, your comical jokes. You were intriguing,and mysterious-with a fire inside of you that was untamed. We shared something beautiful didn’t we? Albeit~ short lasting- the taste of your delectable mouth a mixture of strong drink and nicotine. The way your eyes danced when you laughed. Your hand in mine walking side by side- the love and light that erupted from our root to solar plexus to our crown- passionate electricity of energy shooting up to the atmosphere where our energies mixed, mingled, and made love to one another in the heavens.
    Will I ever see you, feel you, taste you- ever again? I ran from you for fear of the over-abundance of our soul love. I couldn’t process what had happened, at that time, between us. So as a coward-I ran from our divine love fire and perhaps lost my mirror soul forever, atleast in this life time-anxiously awaiting reunion in our next reincarnation. Oh, what mountain I wouldn’t move for you to forgive me and reach out to me- to show me that ferocious lioness LOVE & FORGIVENESS & COMPASSION that resides within you But I know I do not deserve it and I do not deserve you, my love.
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    1. WhoItMay Concern
      February 14, 2017 at 7:04 pm

      May I ask who sings by the yellow ledbetter?


    2. @whoitmayconcern
      February 17, 2017 at 12:43 pm

      Pearl Jam



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