• Once reality turned

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    To a fantasy.

    One of my favorite memories. It’s not for the faint of heart or the unmature. Only ones who have experienced depth can appreciate the deep…..

    It’s now but a fantasy. I would put it on paper, but I decide to keep it to self.
    Just like our relationship. I will never share with another. No one will ever know about us unless we share it together.

    Yes I have 2 friends that know the wind was knocked out of my sails by a woman unknown to them.
    To them the woman is but a legend. For what they thought was impossible the legend made happen. Ohhhh they pried and pried to know of the gorgeous legend. I never caved. They got an outline of what caused my demise. They ask if legend has returned. No is all I say.
    They mean well and want to help me up. I never told of our moments together. Why would I do that? I promised you I would never tell. I don’t know what I’ve done to not have but a speck of your trust. I trust you. I’m honest with you about everything. I was only un honest about one thing that I could remember, but it wasn’t a lie just never confessed. I was jealous when it came to you. The more we carried on the more I got. I’ve told you this. Have I not? You are the only person that’s made me feel that jealous. I didn’t like that feeling when it got intense. That’s when I pushed you away a bit. I needed space to gather myself, but never more than a day or two. You seemed ok with that. Given our situation I’m sure you can see why. You are one of the smartest people I have ever met. There is only 1 other I’ve met before you that I held high regards to because of his genius mind. My daughters uncle on her daddies side. He’s a brain surgeon in Florida. I’ve actually laid down at night and wonder to myself who I think would be smarter on an IQ test. I can honestly say ” I don’t know”. So not only do I think your absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out, but I think your super smart as well. Why would I chance not being honest with you? Why would I treat you like you were dumb? It doesn’t make sense that I would. You say your a bit crazy. I bet. They say the most clever people are. I find you fascinating. I think you love very deeply. No. I worded that wrong. I know you love deeply. This is only a fraction of how I admire you. I wish my words held truth to you.

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