• In search of goodness

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    I want to talk about things no one else is speaking about. I want to know whether there are other people who think like this. There must be people with the same rationale. I’m often led to believe that I overthink. I’m accustomed to my thinking process. Double thinking everything comes easy to me and it’s a laborious process. It doesn’t drive me insane. I hold its rein. I’m the one with power over it.
    Do people still do things out of goodness of heart? Would you give out love and time without expecting any compensation or reward? .A healthy number of people surrounding me would answer yes to both these questions. Yet there is so much heartache and bitterness surrounding unrequited love. If you truly loved someone you respect them and their decisions and if their hearts doesn’t kindle upon seeing you then that’s their subconscious or conscious decision. You can’t blame yourself neither can you blame them.Whats worth remembering is that your heart chose them and saw something in them that subdued that little chaotic brains or yours or tugged some strings in you that no one else has ever before. I’ve always believed that a person’s personality is a reflection of your own. Hostility invites hatred. Compassion derives empathy. I like to believe in that regardless of the spitefulness of our surrounding.

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    1. Compassion?
      February 14, 2017 at 7:41 pm

      When I was in college, someone had a thing for me and told me so. They were a good friend but I was with someone and just saw them as a friend. But I cared about them and continued being their friend well past the point when they found someone else. What I didn’t do was abandon them for not being able to control their reprehensible and filthy humanity.

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