• Dear Cupid,

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    Seriously, you are an asshat.
    Love must be blind because you dearest are blind AF.
    This year I am very happy to be single.

    I’ve begun a new life for myself.
    I could not have done it dragging along all the deadweight of the losers you thought to shackle me with. Nice try though.

    This year I didn’t feel the urge to take a pin to heart shaped balloons in stores.
    I didn’t care one way or another about the valentine’s day decorations.
    This year, I’m focused on my new business and my future.
    Can’t move forward looking back.
    I found the love of my life and it is MY LIFE.
    I’m deeply in love with my life right now, in a way I never imagined loving a man.
    I’m working on a project for my first paying client and I can’t wait to present the finished piece.

    Cupid, don’t waste the ammo on me. I found everything I ever wanted and never could find in a man. Not that men are bad or stupid, I’m not bitter. It’s just that there is no man who can really understand me, I’m too weird. I’m too freespirited, too friendly, too stubborn, too independent, too demanding, etc…
    It’s not fair to ask any man to live up to the standards I set, but its not fair to let them fail me when I live up to those standards even when it’s cost me literally everything.

    Cupid, darling demon spawn, you were faced with an impossible task.
    There simply was no way to match someone like me with anyone in existence.
    I was born too late to be an experiment of Carl Jung. Who else could have even begun to understand some of the things I feel I must do because I feel in tune with this synchronicity? I think if I just heard voices I would just take medication and call it a day.. but I dont hear voices. I see patterns, I feel drawn to certain people(its not attraction, some of the people I wouldn’t date on a dare).
    I’m not psychic either. I just “hear” and sense the universe pushing and pulling me in certain directions and when I listen weird things happen. I run into friends I lost touch with… thank god i did, my friend was living on the streets in another city. That’s just one example. but cupid, there’s no man alive who can cope with strangeness that follows when I “obey” that calling. I get accused of “setting it up” or worse. For the love of the last man, I ignored those callings, those pushes, and in the end it just left me out of place, lost and alone.

    So consider your work complete here, Cupid.
    I don’t want to hurt anymore and I don’t want to torment someone else with my “curse” or “gift” anymore either. I’m happy to help other people in a way that financially supports me and allows me to be myself. I’m happier than I have ever been in my life. Tears of joy running down my face as I realize how much I have accomplished now that I not longer waste my time fighting with someone else because a series of events are just too un-explainable, too unbelievable.
    I laugh at how frustrating the next decade or so will be for you if you continue to throw men in my path. I have a mental image of a very red faced cupid breaking his bow. I’m sorry but this life I’m leading now is just entirely too fulfilling and amazing to be sidetracked from. I guess that’s the way it goes when you realize your dreams and live them.

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