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    Valentine’s Day

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    Almost every year for six years it’s been the one day that I’ve always dreaded. The Single Awareness Day. Lol! Does anybody else go through this or am I the only one? I did receive roses today. They were pink and they were from a girlfriend of mine (leftover flowers from Valentine’s Banquet). It brightened


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    I wish u could hear my silent whispers I send in to this universe hoping they reach u. There is someone out here who misses u immensely. Just speak to me, send any email or Im n initiate a conversation. You could use the fake name u once used that I recognise. I miss you

    Once reality turned

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    To a fantasy. One of my favorite memories. It’s not for the faint of heart or the unmature. Only ones who have experienced depth can appreciate the deep….. It’s now but a fantasy. I would put it on paper, but I decide to keep it to self. Just like our relationship. I will never share

    I’m about

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    As comfortable writing what I feel on paper as a fish is out of water. Emilie Dickenson I am not! ???? My grammar sucks donkey! You are super accurate at grammar. So accurate when you try and suck at it, it still beats mine.???? Did you know I suffer dyslexia? My mine had trouble accepting

    I don’t

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    Consider us on bad terms at all. You don’t hear me when I say this because you don’t want to hear that, or is that it’s an excuse to keep me at bay. Either way I am here for you/us. If or when you want to truly reach out and with intention of moving forward.