• Evolution of ideas

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    Because the individual will perceive an event uniquely based on how previous experiences influence their thoughts of time presently.

    Retrospectively our thoughts will also transpose information processed during other experiences both shared and individual to analyze and understand the self as it was in contrast to the self as it is.

    As an artist I find it fascinating how a image of One thing can be repeated ad infinitum but because whoever creates the image will have a different introspective influences that affect their technique and variations in how this image is performed the source material will evolve person to person.

    When I worry about redundancy I remind myself of this and it makes me feel more confident about how I conduct myself as an artist. The goal is not to replicate but the expand upon the idea.

    Doesn’t mean I won’t still get snooty when I find a piece aesthetically unpleasant. Isn’t that part of forming a structurally sound image? Refining what you enjoy.

    The is probably applicable to most aspects in life but I haven’t always adhered to that logic.

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