• Dear Future Me

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    Dear 30 year old Martin N.

    As I write this, am in my final year in Campus and just hit the 22 year old milestone. I’ll be graduating next year (argh) too soon attempting to find a job(double argh). So I have decided to type this letter to myself in 8 years time, while I’ll be 30 years old to see how things are going and make some requests.
    Here I go.

    Sssup dude…
    How’s the going? I assume 8 years has just flown by. Its hard for me to write this because am just filled with a lot of questions.
    Do you have a house? Are you married?
    Do you have kids? Do you own the dream BMW we always yapped about?
    Are you as funny and interesting as you were back then? Are you still in Kenya?
    Heeey did the aliens and robots take over? How is technology? I believe you guys are really having it easy..!
    Now that the aesthetic questions are out of the way, time for big ones. Do you have a job? Please please please say we have a job! Currently were are interested in the field of networking and mathematics. I think you remember this stressful time at the end of the final year. All in all, it hasn’t been that enjoyable. We are currently questioning whether this process is even worth it. All we really want is to sleep , watch movies and hung out with friends.
    Am however excited to see where we end up in the future , but first I want to make sure you’re happy. Are you?
    I hope we are self independent and have achieved almost all our dreams and not in a dull boring job. I hope you are still making decisions that will excite you in the future not going for the easy route.

    And BTW are you dating or you’re married ? Do you still believe in the crazy-hot scale on a date selection? hahaha
    I know she’s amazing and hot. Pass my greetings to her and tell her she’s very very lucky. You’re probably bragging about how you saw it coming, ain’t you? I hope you’ve already saved enough for a holiday in Europe.
    Please tell me you still support Manchester United!

    About friends. You’re currently in a feud where you are sorting out the real friends from the fake ones. I hope you’ve got the real ones now and kept the awesome ones.

    Ooh have we already proven our detractors wrong? It took a while but the phrase “Started from the bottom” now makes more sense.
    How does it feel to be successful? I believe you still love romantic comedies and more importantly keeping up with the Play book and the Bro code.

    So 30 year old me, I’m just concerned. My frustrating lack of prophetic sight means I can’t possible know if what I’m doing now is enough. I wouldn’t know exactly what it is that you need until am you. I can only hope( in the strange, parallel universe in which we somehow coexist and able to communicate) you’re watching me now and going “Yeah,way to go, you’re doing alright, just keep being Legen… (wait for it)..dary.” Because lets face it, if we’ve forgotten how to quote Barney Stinson by the age of 30, we’ve got issues. That aside, I suppose I can only keep trying. Which I will.
    I need to put this to an end because I don’t want you looking back at this moment and blaming me for your current miseries(just kidding)
    Please write me back as soon as you get my mail. I can’t wait to see you in the future bro.
    Date (fixed)

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