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    I don’t know if that was directed to me (could be for anyone, really) but since I’m already a little psychic/”crazy” and think I have this connection to you where I can find you no matter how good you hide from me..so I’m going to answer your questions
    Assuming all of them have to do with me, us? If not, I’m already a little crazy so putting this out there won’t hurt anybody else but myself, right..so here we go:
    -Who was the girl that called? To be honest, I have no idea! Could be anyone really? Unless she told you my name I wouldn’t make the link.
    -Why was everything a secret back then, was it a game? Everything was a secret because I was struggling with my feelings for you. They were new to me, I never felt that way before, least of all announce it to the world when I was trying to sort it out for myself! I let myself be vulnerable the minute I decided to open up to you, it was very serious to me.
    -Why have the people I chosen to trust told me nothing when they’re supposed to be my friends? I guess that one is between you and them. Unless they’re friends we had in common, then it’s a whole different story depending on Who we’re talking about.
    -Were you ever planning on coming back? Did you change your mind? I was planning on so many things with you! All you had to do was talk to me about it! About your doubts about me, about how I was confusing you, or hurting you, about what you perceived was going on, and I would’ve answered you, love. But instead you decided to not confide in me when that was all I needed to give you/us closure! I changed my mind the minute I realized you ran from me everytime I was ready to talk about what was going on, to the point of making me unable to approach you for 6 months! Remember that? HA! That hurt me so bad, the fact that you didn’t do ANYTHING to stop them from doing it for 6 entire months!!!! Why, I thought! Is this a game to her?!?! I never thought you’d do that, really. That made me regret a lot of things, mostly about how I acted towards you so I AM sorry I should’ve kept my mouth shut and feelings to myself! I apologize about that.
    I am also tired..tired of you not acknowledging me and what happened between us face to face. For all that’s worth I am willing to meet you in the middle and answer all your questions looking you in the eyes but Nothing will ever happen for better or worse until you have the courage to address Me for who I am instead of (unintentionally-I’d like to think) gas lighting me about our history. Like I said before..if you change your mind..I’ll be around, whether you know it or not.

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    1. KL
      February 13, 2017 at 10:44 am

      Many sail in similar boats .. so relatable n felt as if it were from him .. delusional mind .. good luck hope u meet your person


    2. KL
      February 13, 2017 at 1:40 pm

      “I can run but can never hide from you ” , It was the only choice I was given.
      I did sense something was off but I think I was little too distracted with u know who that I didn’t see them conspiring against me. It was like Blitzkrieg everything happend at lightening speed. I wasn’t let to take one last good look at you. That hurts.

      Sorry author couldn’t help commenting it was as if the post was talking to me.



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