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    What’s the point anymore…

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    I was 15. I was 15 when I met you and I was mesmerized. I obviously was going through a tough time with a shit home life, and you were 18 and handsome and charming and everyone warned me. You’re crazy. I thought it was the cute kind of crazy that I could handle. Then

    yet another rant

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    Sorry S had to knock you out of contacts everywhere. It is very hard to see updates from you or any of our common friends, as every update is like scratching an healing wound. Although i try not to take a peek at your profile, i happened to stumble upon an old family pic of

    Evolution of ideas

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    Because the individual will perceive an event uniquely based on how previous experiences influence their thoughts of time presently. Retrospectively our thoughts will also transpose information processed during other experiences both shared and individual to analyze and understand the self as it was in contrast to the self as it is. As an artist I