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    I love you.

    Every time we fight I feel it’s over.

    I’ve lost you.

    I’m already used to this lingering fear.

    Or maybe I’m not.

    It hurts so much

    And then
    I have hope

    I’m really happy.

    But I know
    the next fight
    is just around the corner.

    I love you so much.

    It hurts so much.

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    1. Don't.
      February 13, 2017 at 1:09 pm

      Fights should not feel like the end of the relationship. If that is the case there is serious maladaptive communication styles being used. Things should be discussed in a manner that doesn’t feel like the whole relationship is being burned to the ground. If one partner threatens to break up over everything that should be discussed that places a massive burden on the relationship and I’ve never seen these types of relationships work. I had a man who I adored but his communication style was abusive – he couldn’t maturely discuss anything and he always went to the worst scenario before I’d even opened my mouth. The amount of silent treatment he dished out was ferocious. The relationship was an emotional roller coaster that invaded my thoughts and kept me off track in my life.

      In a lot of ways it would help women become more like men. Not prioritising relationships but putting our time into pursuing our own agendas and hobbies and thinking of our relationship as secondary to everything else in our life. That is how they climb employment ladders and become successful. We spend too much time wringing our hands when things aren’t going right. You have to know that if it ends today you will have a solid foundation of YOU to fall back on be and always be OK. Fear in a relationship will always mean you are in the one down position and he will use it against you – even subconsciously men will use positions of power. You show them a crack and they will bust it wide open and throw dynamite in it. Love doesn’t hurt. If it does – it isn’t love. Women need to look after themselves more in relationships. If he is making you scared you need to tell him you won’t put up with that forever and you have to mean it. If the relationship continues to put you in an insecure position then for your own peace of mind you need to walk. Cut your losses.



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