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    What’s up! You guys! I have something to say….

    Why do you never attempt to approach me like you do my friends?
    You smile and wave…ask them out to dinner or go to the library and study! What about me? Am I not pretty enough? Do I not fit into your description of hotness! Yes, I may be what most would say fat but, dammit I am gorgeous!

    You can at least smile, or sit and talk, Not relationship necessary! I just want to know I am I not good enough? All I’m asking for is at least a guy friend!! Or a man in general. I have never been in a relationship and am DYING to know what it is like. An apart of is like BOOOO relationships, and another part of me wants to have that. Maybe I am not ready or he may not be here. And If I as much as talk to a guy, I will fall for him. Yeah, I am awful.

    But, as I am writing this I have come to realize that:
    1. I am crazy
    2. real life does not work like that….men will not MAGICALLY appear.
    3. I am the top gorgeous girl on campus in my eyes, and in some dudes eye somewhere.

    So, you do not have to talk to me or approach me. that’s fine. Because maybe yall are not the one. And, one day my man will come along. Until that day Iam going to focus on me. And, yes I may not be beautiful according to the usual beauty standard but, thats fine!I am please to say it is ok with it being me, myself, and I!

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    1. Just a thought
      February 10, 2017 at 2:32 pm

      May be you are a keeper sort of person . I mean some are really beautiful inside n out so first instinct for guys are to beware n try to stay away as it could turn out to be real something for which guys of that age are usually not ready for..

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