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    It was a short time R, but everything was wonderful and going great. I was going with the flow but it seems that you felt I had pressured you. It felt right and you agreed. Then a complete 180. It sucked and sucks. I only wanted respect and it seems that you didn’t want to hear those words that night and have used it as an excuse for an easy out. I had feelings and thought you did too, but it was too soon for you to communicate exactly what the issue was – bluntly. Didn’t seem to matter what I said you made your mind up. I hope you find yourself and make peace with your past, so that you do let someone in like you did me. You just weren’t ready and I wasn’t demanding anything of you – no definition of us – but it wasn’t enough. Not for you right now. You just want to have fun, I hope you do. While you are I will be having fun and building something that will last with another.

    I know you will never reach out to me again, you have your pride and your best friend speaking highly of single life. I wish you had not led me on but you did. Please do not do this to the next girl you have fun with. Thank you for the hope though. I wish you all the happiness and success.

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