• Mr. Church Man

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    Don’t. Don’t corner me, don’t try and change me. Don’t pull out your book, the one you don’t even understand yourself. Don’t speak to me as though you know me. As though you could ever know the true story of my life. Don’t be hateful with the excuse of doing God’s work.

    Can you explain why one so called sin is worse then the ones you do everyday? You can say my lifestyle is openly living a sinful life, that you live everyday trying your hardest not to sin. But you still do, yes? We all do. My so called sin is not even listed in the ten commandments. It’s in the part where it says to stone people, not wear certain fabrics, not eat pork or seafood. But these were renounced by God in your eyes. Why not accept that homosexuality is something that was stated in that section? But yet you believe you can command me to bend to your hateful thoughts.

    Why, why do you wish to live a life affected by everything? Why live hating on everyone and everything, not seeing beauty where there clearly is, all because it is so called not following the rules. Beauty and love is everywhere. To not see that, must be an awful existence.

    You claim I choose to love this way. I never chose anything. When did you choose to love who you love? But you did indeed choose to hate. You did choose to now condemn my life, not caring whether or not it could hurt me but to make yourself feel somehow better as a person.

    What an existence. After putting someone down in the name of love, walking away feeling proud of yourself. Going home, not thinking of whether or not you could have hurt somebody.

    What I believe, is that the bible, Christianity, Jesus, is all about love. Love and acceptance. Christianity is supposed to be the religion of love. That’s supposed to be what differentiates it from any other religion, which Christians will also condemn other religions.

    So my question is, why choose to hate? Why choose to be so concerned with other people’s lives, why not be happy for those who are happy? Why not show love? You have a choice in that matter.

    I don’t associate myself with people like you. I hope for the existence of Jesus, and who I believe for him to be. If he is anything like you, like the people I have encountered, then I want no parts of him.

    Before you continue on spreading hate, remember that this world could be a happy, vibrant place filled with love. Don’t you want that? Who wouldn’t want that?

    I will continue spreading love and positivity, I encourage you to learn to do the same.

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