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    I don’t know whats going on but i am thinking of you lately.
    I feel-I am missing you so bad.
    I already moved on but the feeling of missing you is lingering.
    The past 3 nights you were always in my dreams.
    Your face, your smile and your eyes.

    while in the car this morning to work,
    tears flowing on my cheeks.
    Thinking of you and I miss you so bad.
    I am missing you.

    I deleted everything from you from pictures to email.
    Everything that might connect or reminds me I trashed it.
    But It didn’t help me to find way to search how you looked today.
    So, i sneaked on to your daughter’s instagram and luckily i saw a pic of her and her boyfriend with you.
    Tears again fell on my cheeks seeing you again in the pic.
    You never changed the haircut i want you to have and the look that i want you to have.
    It bring me bitter sweet feeling. It just proved me something – i still love you.

    I still love you but, someone loves me much better now.
    Someone who loves me more than himself
    and that someone didn’t hurt me so bad the way yo hurt me.

    yes, I miss you and still love you but there will be no more me and you.

    February 8, 2017
    12:17 PM
    South of Market,BGC

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