• Only you can define new ending …

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    You can’t change the past but only you can define new ending to your story. Lurked in the darkness for more than a year trying to look where I went wrong, rediscover self while licking my wounds. I wouldn’t call it bravery as I was hiding in my shell, it was my refuge.
    It felt as if I was at the eye of the storm nothing I had learnt in life was of any help other than breathing to stay alive. Went back to square one , pulled back from everything. Searched for answers in philosophies, meditation, Yoga, self help books yaada yaada.
    I felt life was indeed nothing and empty. I was pushing everyone away. I took a look at self either I could continue in that path of nothingness and sink in depression or emerge out as a warrior with power by defining and chase exciting new dreams. I realised I have only this one life, which definitely was not worth spending it in isolation. Everyone has a purpose and an ultimate role to fulfill in this life. Connected dots from my past, answers were always there in front of me just had to get out of the game, look at it from an observers view point.
    I don’t say I have answers to all my questions but I did discover new path a way out of abyss towards a new possibility that inspires me, motivates me. Although a little selfish i do see it leading me towards new milestones I want to have in life. Being in darkness is fine, we need isolation to heal and silence to hear our calling but come back as a fighter with higher focus.

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