• Dad?

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    Dad? Father?
    I don’t know what to call you.

    You have been tracked down by your own daughter four times.
    You have left again, four times.

    You chose to raise two other kids as our own, ignoring you biological children.
    Mum never stopped you, I remember her getting angry at you never turning up on your days with us because you lied and she had to comfort her three crying children.

    Nobody every stopped you.

    You have three grandchildren by two of your children. None call you granddad. They have no idea who you are. Not because we have stopped you seeing them, but because we refuse to find you for a fifth time.

    My daughter will never be stopped from finding you when she’s older and damn straight I will help her track her grandpa down, but you be warned that if you break my baby’s heart, I’ll break you.

    You are no man, you are no dad. One day, if you’re lucky, you may get the chance to be a granddad, do not mess that opportunity up. Please.
    I will prepare her for heartbreak, that you might only stay in touch for a month or so, but I’ll never stop her finding you. Just like my mum never stopped me finding you.

    I’m having your half brother give me away on my wedding day. He doesn’t know it yet though, he’s my half uncle and I have spoken to him more in the four years since HE found us, than I have spoken with you in the 26 years I have been on this planet.

    Your parents, my grandparents, both died thinking we hated them and for that I can never forgive you. We only found out your dad had died when we recognised his name on a small rotten cross.
    Simply disgusting. Granddads grave was unmarked, his three grandchildren clubbed together to get his resting place marked. We didn’t know him, but we love him.

    I still have the last phone number you had before you changed it without telling me. I’ll never get rid of it, even though it is inactive now.

    For all of this, I can never forgive you.
    But you can make an effort with your grandchildren one day.
    If you’re the luckiest man alive.

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