• useless

    by  • February 5, 2017 • Loneliness • 0 Comments

    You useless, I don’t understand how you could be born in a perfect condition, got educated well, and now got stuck in your own mess of life, love and everything else

    You useless, why do you let your heart believe there could possibly be a miracle, a difference this time ? That maybe for once you may have both, your passionate job as a doctor, and a man who will love you no matter what

    It’s never happened like that. You always chose the job, or left with the job rather than the man. It’s always been like that, you, with your career, your books, your patients, and that’s all. Why now you think you could have more ?

    You useless, who doesn’t speak another language to find a job to stay where he is
    You useless, who could never stand out to be the exception from all the foreigner work permission

    You useless, who can’t never express or let anyone know you feel frustrated and stuck, who always appears with a fucking bright smile

    You useless, who thought this time will be different, will be a commitment. You seriously think you can have it all ?!? You useless head

    You graduated in the top 20. You told yourself if you were always nice and kind to all the vulnerable human, possible one day your vulnerability would find it place to stay safe forever, you will have it all- a life as an excellent doctor, a love which is worth to risk it all
    You useless head, it’s all blurry, whatever you told yourself is your own imagination. They made it clear they would not let foreigners progress; he made it clear he would just want to stay that way

    You useless head, I hope you soon find a place to get your emotions buried, otherwise you will expose yourself-a useless emotional head as fuck, and they will leave you all forever

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