• The doorbell rings

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    Once short and punctuated, it’s after 9 at night and . After checking the eye slot for activity I tell myself it’s  just the doorbell glitching out again or the neighbors warning me my musics too loud and I finish locking the door. Again the bell rings some minutes later, I feel a jolt at the sound but instead of going downstairs make a cake for the next day that comes out not quite the density I’d wanted and make my way to bed. I keep thinking I know I’ll hear the bell again and I work myself up listening for it, when it does chime it’s around midnight and My heart pounds in my chest, I get out of bed and try to peek out of the upstairs window but only see parked cars. I head back to bed, was that a fourth ring? I don’t move but I’m alert and curious.

    The next night a scratching sound behind the painting that hangs above me bed. The sound imitates insect legs burrowing. That thought makes me uncomfortable and I shift uneasily in my sheets, but I’m so tired. I wonder if the rattle of the heater somehow vibrates the wall in such a way that it would cause the sound, but it doesn’t seem consistent enough. I’ll check the source in the morning. Upon inspection in the morning there is nothing.

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