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    I watched it again. Yet, it still reminds me of you.
    Those mesmerizing blue eyes, crooked teeth, pale cashmere skin, the long hair covering your breasts, the simple cute dresses you wear, your brittle wristels, thin long hands, brightest smile, your sudden kisses on my cheek, your whisper in my ear, the rolling in bed, the tummy ache of laughing, the soft kisses on the corner of lips, the chemistry, the beating hearts against each other’s chests, the playful hand caressing my hair, the dream of going to IKEA just for a cake, the angelic face when you dance and spin around waving your dress, your hand hiding your nose and lips when you smile but your dimple comes out, the poking at it and petting your face, the love, the melting and everything else..
    It got me. It hit me again.
    The arrows passing through the layers of my heart, the knife tearing my chest in half, the blood being spread everywhere, the lungs getting drown in such thing, the lips being sewed down, and the voice that hides deep down, the hands that start to tremble touching next the aching body..
    I’m craving you. Again.
    “If I was to walk away from you, my love
    could I laugh again?”

    Love is all we need. Despite of everything, it really is what we need. It’s hard, I know, but it’s worth it. The rebirth, the blooming, the generosity towards the world, the power you get just to protect them, the singing and dancing lessons, the sweet lovely tenderness, the cracking, the pain, the wound, the bleeding, death.
    How can the cycle start again, if you are the only person I profoundly love?

    Somebody, once told me


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    1. Oh no..
      February 6, 2017 at 5:06 am

      That is truly beautiful..
      I love someone that much, too.

      • TakenIdea
        February 8, 2017 at 10:54 am

        We must be lucky then

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