• Why?

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    We talked online all the time. I mean that’s where we met, though. We met when I was at my worst. Depression had got me. I felt alone and worthless. I had no friends. I had no one. But you texted me that night. Telling me I was the prettiest girl on the planet. That you wouldn’t hurt me. You wouldn’t leave me because you know how it feels to be left. We dated for 2 years. Then, you left me. You blocked me on everything. I couldn’t contact you because we had never actually met. But, I loved you. More than I could ever love someone. Then, I found someone who really loves me. That truly cares about me. That’s when you came back. You said your little catch phrases that you knew would swoop me in. So, I fell. I wanted you back. But, I was taken I couldn’t be with you. So, I told you I have moved on. You got so angry. So cold. I never saw you like this. You told me it was a joke. That you didn’t ever care about me in the first place. That you liked feeling in control of someone’s feelings because you had power. Because you didn’t have power at your house. Your dad that left when you were 5 still had power in your household. So, you took out your pain on me. That’s when I realized that I didn’t know what love was when I was with you. I thought love was being complimented. I thought I would sob because of the things you said. But, I didn’t because I am happy. Because I don’t need you. I never did. I am happy with my new man. He is everything I have ever wanted. I just hope the next girl you love you actually love. Because I was lucky that I felt self-worth now. That your words didn’t hurt me. They just reflected you.

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