• What the hell?

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    I posted a letter, talking about someone lost to me and I’m so confused and a comment has totally messed with my head.
    The way they spoke, it was as if it was the person to whom my letter was meant for, but he’s dead. And logically there should have been no way for them to have found it even if he wasn’t dead.
    It has messed with my head so much.
    I know I should think it was just the way the person typed, and I misunderstood, but… My hopes are up and they shouldn’t be.
    It’s messed with my head so much
    I don’t know what to think

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    1. This site
      February 3, 2017 at 1:57 pm

      It’s this site. It messes with everybodies head. I’ve watched people descend into madness on here, believing they were getting messages from ‘their person’…. The likelihood is zilch – but humans don’t have strong minds. What we hope for – we search for – we are more likely to see. We will read into things when it confirms our biases. We can take a skeric of evidence and turn it into a rock solid case by connecting dots that have no business connecting. We jump to conclusions. I believe it’s usually worse when we are younger. Or if we become paranoid as we get older. We are ego – centric. We believe everything is about us. when we realise that the rest of the world barely gives a fuck about us, what we wear, if we fall over on the sidewalk, what our experiences are etc it frees us up to truly be ourselves without giving a fuck how we look. Age is a cruel master but it does have it’s advantages. Leave this site for a while and get your head back together. Seek out information that is the opposite always of what you believe so you don’t go through life confirming inbuilt biases. Good luck.

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