• To my best friend.

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    Dear Katie,

    Happy birthday. Yesterday marked a year since you ended our friendship. I really hate you, but sometimes I just miss you. Even though it was a completely one-sided friendship and I put in all the effort, I still miss you. You just knew what to say sometimes. I could talk to you about my depression and you’d listen even if you didn’t care. I had to go see a therapist after you hurt me, though. You broke me. Now I’m crying over our english class that we have together because I thought maybe this semester i could escape you, but I was wrong. I have no one in that class and you had to be seated right next to me. This semester is going to be hell. Why? Why’d you have to end our friendship? You were a bitch, and didn’t treat me how I deserved, but I still loved you. I adored you, looked up to you.

    I hate you.

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