• please get out of my head – let me live a peaceful normal life

    by  • February 1, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    three times u came in to my life, not counting the latest confusion u created in my life. Dunno why despite all convictions i make i just can’t hate u or forget u or say Foff to u.
    To top it all after years of hurting i thought i was numb but fall for someone exactly like you – A magician who paints unmatchable romantic love and runs away without any explainations. I can nomore enjoy any romantic movie without being reminded of you.

    You just got married for second time n i am happy for you but u have broken my heart so many times that i decided not to be in touch with you. Why did you have to ruin my romantic side of mine that i can no longer find anyone matching up to you.
    Hurt so Hurt S .. it has taken 16 years i was doing ok with life why did u have to comeback and ruin that little bit of peace i had. U cause the pain then comeback with healing words and leave me behind with a even deeper pain. I don’t know how to forget and kill all of the feelings i have towards you.
    I hope i never ever meet you ever in life again.

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