• Regrets For What Could Have Been.

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    The last time I saw you, we were standing in my apartment kitchen. I was bawling my eyes out over the love of my life – who had decided he was done with me. You were desperately trying to console me – offering me nuggets of advice as to how I could repair this terrible situation.

    I wailed and sobbed – you were disturbed as you’d never in all our years seen me so completely undone. I told you there was no repairing this tragedy. The apartment was full of people, if I correctly recall – my roommate must have been hosting a party of which I was unawares. It was too crowded.

    I retreated to my bedroom – you followed – still in your attempts to console me. I rejected your comforts and closed the door on you – a final gesture. It would be the last time I laid eyes upon you.

    Years later, I found you — online. I reached out to make contact – asking to have an innocent coffee – truly. I was met with your intrigue and promises of a hookup. Curiosity reigned for us both…

    Weeks and months passed – we were working, literally steps from each other – I imagined I could see your office from my window.

    Then the bad news – you could not meet me – I was a “woman from your past” and your spouse could not condone our meeting. I was hurt and horrified. I wondered what you had shared about our past – that we grew up together, went to school together, that you dated my best friend in the world, that occasionally you and I fell into bed (behind her back) to comfort each other.

    You and I were always complicated, but tender…

    Now we reside in the same city, rather than worlds apart – so close yet so far away.

    I smiled. Realized that it’s you I probably loved all along, And moved on…

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