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    Us to go to Austin. We would walk 7th Street and hit all the clubs on the way to the comedy club. It would be fun. You have your country bar, lesbian bar, rock bar, coonass bar, blues bar, oh yah my favorite the gay guys club. Even if I am female the gay guys bar is my favorite of them all. There is a bartender who is really fun. I nicknamed him Bambam because he carries a club with him ( just in case straight guys come inside who want to bully people, it happens every now and again. I’ve seen it before. Go figure right? He is super fun and can make a shot that taste just like you took a bite of a carrot cake. He says if he were straight he would ask me out. Lol its flattering when a gay guy thinks you’re hot! Bwhaaaahaaa. He’s a Hottie pototti also. I won’t lie ;).

    We would sip a drink at every club. By the time we got to the comedian show we would be quite buzzed. Don’t worry. We would take Uber to get us to the hotel safely. I hope you don’t mind, I like to hit each clubs dance floor. I would want you to be my dance partner. I know your a bit shy about that, but I would ask only when I saw you started to relax. Your gorgeous smile would give that away.

    What do you say? Wanna go road tripping for the weekend?

    The girl who’s heart you hold!

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