• An Indifferent Tragedy

    by  • January 29, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Waxing Poetic • 1 Comment

    Do you know I love you?

    How did it fall apart?
    Was I to blame?
    I think I’m sorry.
    I really wasn’t with him.
    And I’m sorry that you saw.
    I love you.

    I just walked into the room with him,
    He was my ride, but I wasn’t with him.
    I reached out for you as you stormed past and,
    You slipped through my fingers and,
    Slipped through my life.

    I replay it and replay it and replay it
    In my heaving mind.
    You won’t accept my explanation.
    You claim indifference.
    The word cuts me, wounds me.
    An awful word! The worst word!
    Rage at me! Shout!
    Please – anything but indifference!
    I beg you!

    I crumble to the floor and I stay there.
    How long? Hours? Days?
    I cannot move.
    I weep. I am lost.
    I have been negated.
    But…I love you.

    Years have passed,
    Still I love you.
    Miles and miles apart and
    I have counted each one,
    There are 1226 of them between us.
    So far away.

    We are on separate orbits now.
    Separately and apart.
    Forever, so far apart and still,
    Somehow, I love you.

    Did you ever love me?

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    One Response to An Indifferent Tragedy

    1. Same here.
      January 29, 2017 at 11:48 pm

      Um, it fell apart because he suffered from toxic paranoid jealousy. If he was a normal human being, with normal thoughts he would have had a discussion with you about showing up with a person and then it would have been over in five minutes and you would have enjoyed the rest of the night together. He obviously didn’t trust you and thought you were something other than you were – nothing can survive someone who is that delusional. You escaped easily – most women with men like him get physically hurt before they finally see the truth. Be glad he showed his true colours before he beat the shit out of you for something you didn’t do. Don’t waste another thought or breath on someone who would so easily jump to conclusions about you. He obviously didn’t care to know the real you and he wouldn’t have believed you anyway.. He would have found something to be paranoid about. You dodged a bullet. Well done.



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