• Unrequitedness

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    What to take a ball and throw it all the way over the Atlantic, I wonder whether it would lie outside your door.

    I would tie a ribbon around it with a spray of my perfume and tuff of my hair with a little note that says “I still think of you way over there”

    Or how about a zip wire that I could sling through all terrain and weather, where you and I could tug either end and send messages magically permeating through that wire

    Or how about a big hot air balloon that sails the rugged sea that parts us.. protected by an energy field that ensures our safety..

    But what dreams that I make up in my mind.. unrequitedness is as powerful to the mind… as though ‘in love’ turned to ‘we love’ without any words exchanged..

    Try not to judge your feelings my dear.. I remind myself to think.
    Not to split them between pride, righteousness or base them in fear.

    “It is what it is” and I try to be the casual observer… until the time drags on SOOOOOOOOOO long that I must speak up and make a mutter!

    Alas.. I can accept that maybe I was not All for you…
    maybe I didn’t tick all of the boxes that you used to list with your friends when you were young on 5th Avenue.
    Maybe I didn’t act In all of the correct ways… or maybe just maybe … you didn’t feel the same way..

    But you said that you did, and I felt that too.. man, you made me see all the colours of a hue – I didn’t realise so many Colours existed – I thought that was just some shit someone wrote who hadn’t really lived it.

    Now, I understand. I understand what they all mean – all the greatest art, music and drama in history were made from what I experienced with you… but it still stands..

    Unrequitedness – such a horrible thing

    Unrequitedness – ——–

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    1. @author
      January 28, 2017 at 4:27 pm

      Unrequited I is not! I guarantee you that…

      I answered as if the letter were written to me. I know the chances are slim to none that it was, but at least I get it off my chest.

      To: V

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