• Didn’t know I was starving til I tasted you

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    Hi I think of you everyday… Couldn’t wish you happy bday but I think you know that I remember it 🙂 I hope she shares you her rainbow

    I got a guy to like me, feel bad noq though … He was immature . The way hes texting me reminds me of you . So I guess I understand now how stupid I was ..to not understand your feelings. You cared bout me but I failed everything …

    Back to the story ..
    I’m the blue now . The guy that unluckily became one of your shadows this time is immature … as always , he couldn’t touch my heart , I got tired and then spaced … But I didn’t tell him that ofc , I’m surprised of how false I could act , as like I really cared when he spaced for a revenge of my slow responds …
    :)) Bubbly and clingy , like me back then … He didn’t want to let his pride down but I could see that he liked me alot. So I told him the same thing you told me back then ” I don’t want to be in a relationship right now ” or you said something like that , I deleted our old conversation someday back then when I overcried over you lmao …

    Truth is I though he could make me feel less lonely but the more I talk to him … the sadder I become. End the story here , I promised the kid to play league with him … I came so far though 🙂 Miss you
    *On my vacation … Cali natur looks great 😀 it’s not your hometown though but it’s still a step closer… to you 🙂 catchu up soon dearest teacher.

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