• Dear John,

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    Dear John,

    I laugh about you now. Not much but sometimes when I think about how you were never worth any of it. I laugh at myself, wondering what or who I became.

    Youre not anywhere near as important as I made out!!!! I just, I wanted to see where it went wen we started seeing each other again, and really, it went on a one way road to crazy town!!!!

    Only there I was! Owning you’re crazy while trying to make some sense of what the fuck happened!!! Lololol! And to serve me right for being stupid enough to own your crazy I was abused more and more on and on!!!! Hahaha!

    That’s funny. But it’s over now. Thank God!!!! Thank YOU for threatening me! That’s the minute I woke up. I’ve got some powerful people behind me if you EVER try to seek ‘revenge’ for my SANE reaction to your own nutcasery!

    Now go be weird little creep you are. My only regret, I shoulda kicked u to the curb years ago.

    Yay! Bye bye little fly 🙂

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