• I love you but i can’t keep going like this..

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    We are married. I thought things would change whenever we said I do but it didn’t. I gave up a big wedding for a courthouse wedding- just you and me. I didn’t mind because I love you. I put off college for you. I didn’t mind because I love you. I have gave up my dreams and hopes for you, and once again, I didn’t mind. I love you. I let you treat me like crap. I deserve better. I think love isn’t enough anymore. You’re selfish. You’re mean. You’re rude. You threaten me. You talk down to me in front of anyone. You complain about having a job to support our family that you wanted just as much as I did,or so I thought. I want to leave. I’m not even sure if I am in love with you anymore. You make me hate you. You make me hate me. Who I am, what I do, what I’ve become. I hate you for making me love the person you never really were. And I hate you for making me question leaving by being sweet for five minutes. Please, just let me go. Just leave, it’s clear that’s what you want. Just leave so I can stop feeling like this. Please. If you’ve ever loved me or wanted to.
    Your wife.

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    1. Selfish fuckers don't magically get nice.
      January 24, 2017 at 11:54 pm

      He won’t leave. Fuckers like him suck you dry year after year and never get nicer. The only one who will stop you being used and treated like crap is YOU. These fuckers don’t walk away from suckers. My husband changed too. I think they believe because they put a ring on it and become so used to us forgiving and giving up so much of our independence and lives for them, they just take and take and take and believe we will never leave. Don’t wait until all of your youth is wasted on an ungrateful piece of shit. Get out while you still have the energy to start again. Leave him and show him that you are worth so much more than his half arsed, ungrateful and churlish selfish non-effort. The times he is sweet, take note of. You will notice a cycle or a system. They will treat you like you don’t exist and then, whammo he’s doing something nice – usually it’s when he realises he’s pushed you too far or HE WANTS SEX. As soon as he gets what he wants – his pretending you are beneath him will return. Start a diary and write every, single thing nice and nasty down. Only then will you see that the bad outweighs the good and it will be written in black and white in front of you. There is no denying it to yourself then that you married a dud and need to leave. Good luck. xo



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