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    Understand where you’re coming from. I’m not unscathed from this situation. I get told I’m beautiful, but they don’t see my inside. I liken it to an apple. The apple can look yummy delish on the outside, but once cut open the bruises expose themselves. If you don’t understand my fruitful metaphor then go buy an apple, drop it a few times then wait a day to cut it open. The next day ponder on its beautiful exterior before you cut it open. When you cut it open and see the inside you will see mine and yours true beauty.

    If you ask my opinion an apples taste is a bit sweeter when beaten up a bit. Then it’s perfect to make apple pie with.

    Go ahead take a bite. Close your eyes and savor the flavor. When your taste buds spit a little more at the extra sweet taste. Know that Apple wouldn’t taste so sweet had it no bruises in it.

    I love you more than you will ever allow yourself to know.
    Maybe it’s best.

    Love, Betty Crocker

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