• Hurt so good

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    The bone of your cheek aches as your face is pressed against the wall by the grasp I have on your hair.I lean in and whisper in your ear ” you’ve been naughty woman!” You give a nod of agreement as I take my right free hand and loosen my belt. The look on your face shows your desire to be penetrated deep by me. Don’t think my body doesn’t feel the deep wanting of your love making to it. On the contrary. My legs tremble at the thought of your touch, but I dare not let it show. I unbutton my shirt. ” oh your naked back feels so good against my now bare breasts. I press them into you as I pull my belt out of the loops of my pants. Your body tenses at the sound of its final release of the loops grip. I lean in and ask you ” why is this happening?” You say in a voice of lust and desire, ” because I’ve been naughty.” I pull the belt back and swing it forward. ” Oh the sound of leather on soft supple skin.” I say as contact is made. Your eyes roll and you beg me ” take me! I want you!” I suck your sexy mouth and you suck mine back hard and deep. You feel it so deeply your eyes can’t stay open. I take the belt and draw it back. You grab at the wall in anticipation of the leather on your bare sexy ass. I hold it drawn back as I kiss and lick down your spine. Your moaning going to my core. Awwww the sound of leather on skin again! A tear rolls down your face as you say ” fuck me now!” I whisper in your ear ” you make my body ache with passion ******.” I drop the belt and turn you around to face me.

    Now you finish the fantasy letter! What do you say?

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      I love you



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