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    Dear R,You don’t deserve to be called a friend because you’ve cut me in two pieces you are a big BITCH you and your fake fucking girfriend. You know that I don’t swear but trust me what you did to me was very bad. You should feel ashamed of your self you are not a person you are god of devil. I’m so disappointed and thank you youve tought me a lesson I can use it for the future

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    1. @author
      January 24, 2017 at 2:00 pm

      If you meant this for me, then I should just move on. I’m sure I could find someone who doesn’t feel this way. Sorry you feel this way. I would ask you to be specific on why you feel this way, but I’m sure asking that question would be in vein. Maybe you really do feel this way about me. Maybe I’ve been hanging onto you when you can’t stand me. What if I’ve had it wrong this whole time? What if you do really hate me?



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