• My Queen

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    My Queen, my Queen, my Queen: oh, how I long to serve you,
    My fulfillment inextricably intertwined with your delight.
    In this life of mine, just one solitary purpose,
    To love you and adore you and worship you with all of my might.

    The sun may rise in the east and it may set out west,
    Radiant from dawn to dusk, it will most surely and brightly shine.
    Yet even the great sun in all of its bright splendor,
    Is envious in its recognition of your beauty divine.

    The owl stays awake all throughout the long and dark night,
    Truly he is quite wise, yet his jealousy remains unbridled.
    He realizes that his wisdom is insufficient,
    For he knows that throughout Earth your intelligence is unrivaled.

    It is said that water is the most powerful force,
    Mighty mountains cut down by the awesome strength of the roaring tide.
    However, what is said is really said in error,
    Because out of respect for your strength even the oceans subside.

    And me, nothing more than an ordinary mortal,
    Who hopes his ceaselessly undying love for you is not undue.
    If I may, my love, boldly ask you but one question,
    My Queen, my Queen, my Queen: how may I best be of service to you?

    PS: Incidentally, the best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life were at a little drive-in in Cairo called “My Queen”. I’ll have to take you there someday 🙂

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