• Tonight’s fantasy

    by  • January 20, 2017 • To You • 0 Comments

    Your sound asleep and I lay awake listening to you breath. My eyes are drawn to you. Your sleeping on your stomach, which is rare. Your hair frizzy and all over the place ( just the way I love it!) Your body flinched at a scene from your dreaming. My body starts to rouse at the thought of your warm skin and the rhythm of your breath up against me. I reach over and lift your gown to your mid back. Your still off in sleep land. I crawl atop you and place my leg in between your legs and press my body up against your sexy ass. I start thrusting my wet, aching body up against you. My breath I can hardly control. My heart pounding fast. Lust running through my veins as I lean in to kiss your neck. You make a muddled moan as your body starts to thrust with mine. I can feel your warm wet up against my leg. I feel your heartbeat on your back as my breast press against it. I whisper in your ear “I want you !” Your eyes roll as your head falls back. “Take me!” You say as your hand reaches back to grab my ass and press us into one another. I kiss the back of your neck and work my way down your spine. I grab your hips and lift your ass into the air. My tongue links your wet as your fists grab the sheets. I lick harder and with every lick my tongue goes deeper. Your thrusting hard in perfect sync with my mouth. I reach up and grab your hair. You moan uncontrollably. I take my breast and press it against your pussy. My nipple feeling the warmth of your wet.

    To be continued…..

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