• The love of your life is Here.

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    I hate goodbyes, I’m really quite terrible at it. Maybe this is the universe telling me it’s not your time yet. It’s not this moment, it’s the next. I feel like I’m waiting for someone who will never come. Today was a realization of that. He’s not coming, just go. So I’ll hop on the train without you then. I hope you find whatever your looking for. And if you look a littler further you’ll see what I saw. It was greatness. I’m sorry you couldn’t see it, or you couldn’t believe it. I still believe in love. I still think of six impossible things. I still have hope. I hope one day you can see it too. and if you don’t its very unfortunate. But please, the man that keeps missing me, the man who is with the wrong woman, the man who is wondering were is she? I’m here. Please don’t get discourage. Our paths will cross and you will get on the same train as I and we will meet and everything else would make perfect sense up until that moment. SO where ever you are. I’m here. Don’t lose hope.


    the love of your life.

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