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    A long way

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    Dear Aiden, We’ve come a long way from a couple of weeks ago where at Christmas time I was so hesitant to even send you a Christmas message because I wasn’t sure if you would even want to hear from me. But now we are taking and texting all the time. I really enjoy hearing

    I’m tired.

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    I’m tired of this. I’m tired of wasting energy on you. I’m tired of wondering. I’m tired of hoping. I’m tired of believing a lie. I’m tired of thinking of you. I’m tired of wondering about you. I’m tired of wanting your love. I’m tired of imagining your kiss. I’m tired of wishing you’d respond

    Love is innocent, love is naive

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    Love is innocent, love is naive. I didn’t think I was naive or innocent. I was afraid. I didn’t and don’t know why I was afraid, I don’t understand all of my feelings. Whatever it was the fear was great and so was the love. When I fell in love accidentally unknowingly over years, when


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    I fought for you and I won you. You fought for me and you won me.You helped me and I helped you. You don’t get tired by my problems, you care about me, you know how to treat me. It’s always me. I’m the problem. I’m scared that this feeling that is called love by

    Tonight’s fantasy

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    Your sound asleep and I lay awake listening to you breath. My eyes are drawn to you. Your sleeping on your stomach, which is rare. Your hair frizzy and all over the place ( just the way I love it!) Your body flinched at a scene from your dreaming. My body starts to rouse at