• time zones & fault lines

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    I had an out-of-body experience when I walked into your large Vegas hotel room. Three time zones in three days and my head was spinning. That warm afternoon light filled the sitting area, I poured myself a drink, and your voice got softer. There was a crispness to the way the ice reflected your smile. Had I known you would throw away the rules I would have kept a closer grasp on everything.

    Anyway, I find myself going more west. I’m going to Oregon in the spring, and it’s like I’m looking for the edge of land. I can’t fault you for drawing lines in the space between us, I just have to keep looking for new routes.

    My winter has come with the exhaustion of giving up on things that can’t grow. Exhale. White puff of condensation icicles giving up. After one beautiful year with you, I can no longer withstand your subtle criticism. So I wish you all ‘the best,’ and I do hope in time to mean it.


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