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    I miss the companionship of a woman.

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    1. To author:
      January 17, 2017 at 6:05 pm

      Interesting post, considering the conversation I had with a friend today. I can’t tell him, but I’d love to be his companion.


    2. You hit a nerve! :)
      January 18, 2017 at 12:36 pm

      I here that from men a LOT. Are you a man? I don’t hear it from women who have friends, a full life and are ACTIVELY staying away from men or who refuse to put a man first in their life, after doing so for most of it and realising it is a thankless task and you are left with nothing. The single older women I meet (who have their own funds) are the happiest demographic I have found. The married older women – most of them are just enduring a man who takes them for granted, ignores them, expects them to continue to do everything around the house etc. A lot of times – companionship with a man is boring for a woman who has many, many friends who will let her talk about what SHE finds interesting, is interested in how she’s feeling, is concerned about her and actively listens to her. Most women have those types of friendships – they simply can’t get that level of intimacy (and I’m not talking physical stuff) with a man. Men are generally uninterested in a woman’s inner world – unless the end result is to get into her pants. That’s what I’m hearing anyway.

      I was married for over 20 years and there was NO companionship or friendship inside that marriage for me. He actively shut me out in our own home – played his video games, did whatever he did, read books – sure I had a body in the house – but that was it. He NEVER, NOT ONCE wanted to do anything I was interested in. If I wanted to spend time with him it had to be on his terms – fishing etc. He flat out refused to go dancing with me etc. I HATE fishing now, lol. When he finally woke up and realised relationships needed reciprocity – I was no longer interested nor did I even like who he was.

      My old high school boyfriend was trying to convince me to get ‘back in the market’ and how good it was to be in a relationship for the ‘companionship’ the other day – I couldn’t quite grasp how having a man in my house watching TV and using my bathroom but not listening to me, barely wanting to find out how I thought or felt inside was ‘companionship’ and yet I can talk on the phone for FOUR hours to another woman. Do you miss COMPANIONSHIP really or is that a euphemism for having someone in your life who you can do a few things with, have sex with and then ignore when you are doing the rest of you life? Someone who waits dutifully at home taking care of everything while you’re out in the world doing your very important thing? Do you really want to be someone’s companion or do you just want them to trail around with you while you do your stuff? That’s actually boring to most women. I like to be out in the world too.

      And BOY you must have hit a nerve, lol!! I’m sorry for that rant that may or may not have anything to do with YOU!! It’s just I’m so over men trying to convince me that I need companionship when what they are really saying is they want to take advantage of my time, space and life but give nothing back – they don’t even want to listen to me unless they are going to get sex. I do hope you find what you are looking for – this world would be a much better place if people were happy and content. I myself – have NEVER seen a relationship past five years where BOTH partners were happy. Actually, I’ve seen only one in my lifetime. That isn’t good odds. Men and women both become unhappy over time – he feels like she has TOO many emotions and she feels unheard. He wants someone who praises him, boosts him, never ever ever places ANY demands on him but is always happy, happy, happy. She just wants to be a person who is allowed to have a full range of emotions without being shut down. That’s fairly surface stuff – but both men and women become unhappy over time for different reasons, I have found. They both feel they aren’t getting what they need inside the relationship.

      Again sorry for the rant – and Good Luck!!


    3. @author
      January 19, 2017 at 11:14 pm

      Then get out there and find you a woman! Lol



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