• It’ll never be the same

    by  • January 16, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Breaking Up • 0 Comments

    I’d like to think that we’ll still be good friends and nothings gonna change or get weird between us. I’m not mad at u at all. I’m more pissed at myself for not opening up to you sooner, I had many chances but you put up too many road blocks. I didnt open up to you until you opened up to me, which isnt fair for either of us because it was too late to open up. I wish you never opened up to me because our feelings were mutual, and I gained stronger feelings than before and now I have to suppress them. I was convinced that you didnt want anything to do with me longterm so I held back my true feelings. It fucking sucks because I see you everyday and it’s going to be hard to let go emotionally. I can’t believe that you would even think that I was using you for sex, especially from how much we bonded. You say that I didn’t care for you on a deeper level and I didnt keep in touch with you as much when you went home but it’s the total opposite. I sacrificed so much of my time, chose to hang out with you over close friends, all to be with you and show you that I care. It’s true we didn’t talk as much when you went home but thats because of your lack of responsiveness and honesty. Just because I didn’t show my vulnerability by saying how much I cared for you, doesn’t mean that I don’t care for you. You knew I cared for you and you reciprocated those feelings. You go home for a couple weeks and all of a sudden I’m no longer significant in your life. It’s honestly for the best, because if you truly know who I am, how much I care for the people I love, then you wouldn’t have even stopped to think that I was abusing our relationship. You even said that I was sweet and loving, but all of a sudden there is somebody else back in your life. I was there through thick and thin, where was he? It’s ironic because you thought that I would hurt you in the long run but in reality you hurt me. Now I feel empty inside and I have nobody to turn to. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Good because I am open to a whole new world full of women that can actually appreciate and acknowledge my love. Bad because I’m lonely and It’ll take a toll on me for quite some time, until I find somebody to replace you. Going back in to this lonely world is going to be hard enough. You were one of the women that I truly cared for, It’s just sad that you didn’t see that. We can still be friends but you and I both know it’s not going to be the same.

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