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    I’ve been really annoyed with myself lately. I do such stupid things and I’m not getting anywhere.
    I’ve been trying to help people that have just started, but in doing so all its done is made them come to me and then I’ve had to sometimes divert the work elsewhere.
    I’m so annoyed with myself that lately I can’t seem to use my brain properly and actually do things the right way.
    Today someone came up to me with a manual. I looked at it and it was really complicated and wasn’t sure how to even approach it so I just passed it over to someone else and said they like doing them give it to them..
    And they said okay… Probably thinking brill thanks a lot.. I then carried on chatting away. They prob thought absolute bitch (you just can’t be bothered, which isn’t the case at all)..
    I feel so bad, for both people as neither really agreed to what I’d suggested. And should have taken the form myself and then given to the person and properly asked is this okay?

    Sometimes I really don’t use my brain and one day it’s really going to get me into trouble.. :/
    Why do I do such stupid things? I will make a conscious effort tomorrow to be better.
    Yes the person had been there longer, but I could have at least said the truth “more experienced”, not “likes manuals” which is very unlikely true and I don’t know them that well where they would take the joke and I was even doing some myself at the time.
    Just really angry with myself right now.

    Will now have to speak with both tomorrow and firstly apologise to the one I assumed wouldn’t mind the form which maybe I could have done at the end of today!! Such an idiot. and secondly, speak with the one that gave me the form and show her an example of a simple one tomorrow so she can grasp it.
    Looking back I don’t think it’s such a bad thing I’ve done (just assuming). I wouldn’t mind if someone new gave me one. Just annoyed that I said “likes manuals” (pretty much contradicted myself as I was doing them at the time).. Just didn’t really know how to do that one, but could have figured it out
    However, (I MUST APOLOGISE TOMORROW!!) he might well just say it’s fine but I don’t want him thinking that I don’t care, because I really do.

    If I could go back I would take the form and put it to the bottom of my pile (should have properly thought and used my brain; not involved others that may/may not want to be involved)..

    I blame management slightly as we are all slightly in difficult positions as no one 100% knows what’s going on and haven’t had proper training. I currently pass work on to people who have been here much longer. But that’s not necessarily right as no one has agreed..

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