• Anonymous letter to Petco.

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    I worked for you for 7 days. Learned a lot of stuff about how things really go on behind the scenes and it’s not pleasant. All those live animals are sadly kept in horrible conditions but you would not even know it. You think the store is beautiful and clean but it’s just not the case.

    Let me start at the beginning.. At 7am, someone has to vacuum up/scoop the old bedding, clean the walls and replace food/bedding with fresh ones. Oh you’d think that’s great, but it’s not- they don’t actually scrub the bottom of the tanks (to get the bedding that’s stuck because of pee build up on the bottom). they do the vacuum while the animal is in there because they are pressed for time, removing all the hides and everything. they can’t even hide from the vacuum and really easily can get sucked up; if you don’t take them out, that’s optional. Cleaning the walls and floor quickly with animal safe products but you can still smell that strong pee smell through it. There’s barely any ventilation holes; for the dozens of feeder mice kept one cage and those 3 hamsters stuck together in one miniature housing. The little live animals, after being woken up by a vacuum or your hand, don’t want to be taken out to come see their possible new home- nippy little guys.
    The beta fish only get their water changed once a week, and they are stored in tiny tiny cups. The reptiles “come together” so you have to keep them that way but you aren’t supposed to keep 5+ in one like that. You have to sell the animals “the Petco way”. Which probably hasn’t been updated in years. The Petco way means the way they say it on their care sheets when they give it to you from the website. They claim it’s Vet Approved and great but couldn’t be more wrong. Yes some people, who have no experience and shouldn’t have a pet with out knowing the information but not when it comes to specific animals. Leopard geckos, you should not tell a person with a young Leo to get sand for them because it causes compacting. Beta Fish, only females can go together but you are only allowed to sell one per tank.

    Most people are usually handed off to other associates because they know that that person is going to a bunch of questions or need help bushing their cart or getting heavy/bulky items off shelves or into their cars. Truth is, Most of the time you can’t find an associate because they don’t want to help you; they just want to ring you up and that’s it. Very short with answers for questions you ask. The crickets are always disgusting, just dumping the new ones on top of the old ones; taking the lazy way out instead of healthy for the animals that’s going to eat it.

    Don’t get me started on how dirty the store actually is, after all the people, kids and their pets that come in and out all day. Only once a week, if that, you mop the entire store.. We do a “spot mop” aka if a dog pees on the floor they clean the isles and that’s all. You go over the Isles with a giant broom and that doesn’t fit under the shelves. You never find a dust pan unless it’s from grooming (always clean in there). A broom is hard to come by and so is a working vacuum. Maybe you sat on the floor to help your dog try sweaters on, or that sweater was on the floor. people come in with animals or kids and no one mopped the floor that they were just on, bringing home who knows what on their shoes or paws.

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